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Compassionate Healing For Families in Addiction and Recovery: Helping Give Families What They Need

Everyday, another family is hit with the #trauma of having a loved one with #substanceuse or #mentalhealth challenges. The process of figuring out what is actually gong on is often slow and confusing. Family members are seeing things that don't make sense, they say what they see and the loved one denies it. Or, they are too confused to say what they see because it doesn't match the person they thought they knew.

#Familyrecovery is a personal process more than a family process. Each person’s results

correspond to the efforts put into personal introspection and self-improvement. #Familyrecovery is challenging because everyone can only control themselves and are not able to force change on others. However, you can inspire and cultivate positive change together, one step at a time, one person at a time; and over time, things can get better for everyone and naturally deepen the family relationship.

To be an effective supporter is to participate in the #substanceabuserecovery yourself. Your fears, hesitations, resistance, and rationalizations are expected to surface in this process too. Just like the person or people you are wanting to help, you may be challenged at times and want to quit. People face different challenges and hardships at every level, but regardless, at any level, there is stuff for everyone to work on (whether it feels relevant to the family dynamic or family addiction or not).

Keep in mind that s upporting others through #addiction is a process. Things might not turn out like you hope or expect. Those #addicted may take longer than you would like. You might take on more than you can handle. You might doubt yourself from time to time. You might keep getting pulled back in and feel there is no way out. #Recovery is tough stuff and can be equally challenging for everyone at times. Remember, you cannot force or guarantee #sobriety or results for others; however, you can be there for them in a supportive way that works for them and you.

Nothing can replace the #unconditionallove and support of a family member or friend.

Regardless, you play an important role in their life.

We remind you to observe any expectations you may be carrying through this process, and instead focus on intentions.

Expectations create attachments for #recovery to happen in a certain way and produce a specific result, which leaves room for disappointment. #Intentions, on the other hand, keep you focused, grounded, in your process, and open to whatever arises throughout the experience.

You have the option to work with a #familyrecoverycoach on your own. You can sign up for

one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or a workshop at or call/text 587-323-4246 to connect with our support.

Sign up for more tips in our blog for holistic substance abuse recovery and holistic, integrative mental health and well being.

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