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Our Programs

Wholeness & Well Being Psycho-Spiritual Programs

Talk therapy is not enough. At Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, we embrace an integrative framework for facilitating healing by supporting clients to change their nervous system, emotional capacity, self-support and self-care using an integrative mental health focus. 

Services offered here include Counselling and Integrative Well Being Services, Transformational Ceremony, Iboga Consultation and Art of Well Being services. To find out more about these offerings, click on the button below.

Soul Led Day Recovery Program 

The Soul Led Day Recovery Program is an individualized program built specifically to the needs of the client. It is designed for people who are looking for holistic mental wellness and substance abuse recovery in an individualized non residential format because they are not able, or do not need, to be away from home or work for an extended period attending a residential program.

The Soul Led Day Recovery Program is not a full day program and appointments are based on the scheduling needs of each person enrolled in the program. The Soul Led Day Recovery Program is designed to be part of continuing care and holistic substance abuse recovery rather than a stand-alone program.

Psychedelic Medicine Integration

Please note: Psychedelic medicine integration is not about encouraging the consumption of psychedelic medicines; it is about harm reduction and post consumption management. 


Due to the psychedelic medicine renaissance we consider psychedelic medicine integration to be an essential service. CFWW integration services are for those who are considering, or who have already had a service and wish to access professional support.

CFWW will compassionately support you to integrate your experiences safely and effectively.

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