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Our facilities and programs are designed to bring understanding and truth to an individual to realizing the completion of their journey to wholeness and well being. Our model of approaching mental wellness recovery is to unearth the root causes, taking a holistic, whole-life approach to change, and acknowledging the profound opportunity that healing provides in a person’s life to rediscover their true self.​

Our certified coaches, counsellors and practitioners work with clients individually and in groups to integrate new insights and positive changes into their daily life. Coaching provides the ongoing truth conversations, strategic planning, structure, accountability, life-skills training, and community to work through the fears, pains, wounds, and burdens that underlie and perpetuate destructive behaviours. Throughout the program, clients are guided to a deep understanding of themselves,  bringing them to their life purpose and passion. This supports them holistically so they can create the conditions of recovery, resilience, connection and community.​

Our community focused model helps to heal the mind, guide the heart, connect to the soul and build discovery of self. Through a root cause approach to healing trauma, recovery is possible with our model that supports wholeness.

Our programs utilize the body-mind-soul connection in addressing brain development, emotional regulation, connection to self, creating and connecting to passions, and building routine.

We believe substance abuse and other mental health concerns are not the substance or behavior as much as the situations and traumas that led to the destructive behaviors.

We host meetings that are about connection.

We provide training in meaningful connection, conversation and relationships.

We provide integrative healing modalities including 5 MeO-DMT Ceremony, Iboga Psycho-Spiritual Ceremony and Integration,  to unearth the root cause of substance abuse, addictions and mental well being issues. Our practitioners also offer in their counselling repetoire Heart Math, Breath-Work, Trauma Informed Body Regulation, Root Cause Therapy, Reiki, and Art Therapy, .

We host authentic and substance free social gatherings.

We provide extra support for those at risk of over dosing or relapse in the form of holistic services, coaching, embodied trauma healing, and integrative mental health.


Intentions & Guiding Principles

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