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Holistic Addiction Recovery Calgary

Holistic Substance Abuse Recovery Calgary

Words About Our Transformational Addiction Treatment Calgary

"Thank you so much Ryan for the deep healing you brought to my life. Since the first moment, I was able to open up because I sensed no judgement. You were so loving and understanding that I was able to connect. You had been where I was so I know you understood. You are a great listener and somehow always knew what I needed to hear to find peace or some truth. The loving space you created for me helped me let go to heal and find acceptance, peace, and joy."

"The transformation that I've experienced through the journey and the work I've done with Ryan is amazing! I feel happy and calm and free and these were not my "normal" states of mind, more like stressed, angry and depressed. I am in awe of what I was able to accomplish with Ryan. I have been working on myself for some years now. I had gotten some great results from formal psychological therapy and from spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and mind training from Buddhism. But they were slow and required a lot of effort. However, the breakthrough that I had with Ryan is so profound that it left me in awe and gratitude but also wondering what it was that was so powerful so I could explain it to myself and the people in my life who have witnessed my


"The medicine you provide is very powerful. Each ceremony was perfectly in tune with what I needed or was ready for at the time. You were always on point and tuned in with my needs. You created the perfect safe space for me to heal my trauma and pain. You were so loving and accepting that I felt safe to let go of my past and surrender and that's when the magic happened! 

I was able to acknowledge my pain, anger and deep trauma and I was able to let go and forgive. You created such a loving space that I was able to learn to love myself and take care of myself. "


"I am forever grateful for the work that we did together. It was the beginning of the beautiful journey that I'm on right now.  I'm creating a new life for myself and my family."

"Sue came into my life when I really needed support. I had so many questions and doubts about how I was handling my drug addicted son. I didn't want to enable and desperately needed guidance. Sue held my hand and step by step helped me feel confident in knowing I was making the best decisions. This takes a highly skilled, gifted well as one who's walked the walk. I highly recommend Sue to help guide others through their toughest challenges."


"Thank you, Sue. This is quite frankly one of the most difficult situations I've ever been through. You are truly helping me navigate all this, if not with some semblance of grace, then certainly with more confidence than I ever expected to have"


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