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What is Holistic Substance Abuse Recovery?

What Makes Non-12 Step Holistic Substance Abuse Recovery Unique?

Conventional addiction treatments that follow the 12-Step method have helped numerous people towards recovery. But many who complete these programs find that they still feel something is missing.

The first rule of the 12 Steps states: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” This inherent belief in powerlessness sends the message that no matter what you do or how long you’re sober, you’ll never be able to free yourself from addiction.

We believe you can.

In fact, there’s a possibility that this belief is the reason previous attempts at staying sober may have failed. That’s because it imposes a limitation on your ability to get well, which stops you from progressing beyond a certain point. At our non-12 Step addiction recovery program, you’ll learn how your thoughts and beliefs influence your behaviors — and therefore the outcomes in your life. And you’ll learn how to harness this new knowledge to advance your recovery beyond where you ever thought possible.

How Does Non-12 Step Holistic & Integrative Substance Abuse Recovery Work?

Many conventional rehab centers now offer complementary therapies like yoga and meditation. These are wonderful practices that can be very supportive to recovery.

But at the Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, we don’t just offer alternative therapies as afterthoughts or add-ons. Our program is equally based on mental, physical, emotional and energetic approaches to improving health. And each of these aspects of healing is integrated into a highly organized program that elevates your recovery progress. To us, “holistic” means a complete experience that views you as a whole person and helps you make a significant transition into the next phase of your life.

At the Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, we focus on a complete roadmap to recovery. Our integrative addiction recovery program includes science-based, holistic treatments that dig deeper than just mental-level therapy. We pay equal attention to the mind, body, soul and spirit – because addiction involves all parts of your being. Here, you go beyond just learning techniques for remedying symptoms. You’ll learn how to connect with your authentic self and rediscover life’s joys.

This is achieved through a combination of practices and therapies, which can include:

· Nutrition education and recovery-focused diet

· Energy medicine therapies

· Compassionate Inquiry Trauma Work

· Guided imagery

· Expressive art therapies

· Sound healing therapy

· Movement therapy

· Mindfulness meditation

· Bodywork

· Yoga

· Emotional self-regulation skills

· Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

· Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT)

· Heart Resonance

· Couples and family work

· Recovery coaching

… and more. Our practitioners are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and will work with you to customize a program that makes the most sense for who you are and what you need.

Who Benefits Most From Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment?

Non-12 Step recovery can be for anyone, and we intentionally design our programs to make them inclusive for people of all different backgrounds. We welcome all religions, spiritual beliefs and preexisting frameworks. This means:

· If your faith is important to you, your practitioner will be happy to include it as an integral part of your treatment process.

· If you have any aversions based on past experiences or traumas, we’ll make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. You’ll never have to participate in anything you don’t want to.

· We welcome open conversations about your spirituality and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have about the modalities we use.

· You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of holistic healing techniques. If this is your first time participating in alternative therapy, we’ll make sure to explain everything in a way you can easily understand.

· If you do have an existing practice, you’ll have a unique opportunity to delve deeper in an extremely supportive setting.

The transformation process you’ll experience here is the result of a powerful synergy created by our team. Certified addiction counselors, #recovery coaches, energy medicine practitioners, compassionate inquiry practitioners, trauma informed practitioners, alternative health specialists, and nutritionists come together and apply their expertise to guiding your recovery process. This thoroughness of care allows you to make major leaps in your personal journey.

With the wide array of #holistic treatment options, we have available, you’re encouraged to explore different paths to find out what resonates with you. You don’t just receive treatment here: you ownyour self-discovery journey.


Our humble, down-to-earth team members are always willing to meet you where you’re at. This program is appropriate for anyone who’s ready for something beyond what the 12 Steps were able to offer, or who prefers an alternative approach to treating #addiction.

Call or text us today at 587-323-4246 or book a consultation here:


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