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Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Integration Counseling and Coaching

This treatment approach is for those who have had, or are considering, a psychedelic experience and seek a professional to help them integrate the insights that they have had, or expect to have.


This usually involves working to incorporate useful insights gained from the experiences into long lasting, positive life changes. Psychedelic integration counseling or coaching provides an opportunity for you to discuss your experiences, whatever they may be, with a non-judgmental and compassionate counsellor. 

A psychedelic experience can be induced without substances. Similar altered states can be induced through many other avenues such as sound meditations, yoga, breathwork, shamanic healing ceremonies, lucid dreaming, energy healing and reiki. These can all induce profound emotional reactions, visions and experiences which can be challenging to navigate alone. 

The term psychedelics typically refers to substances such as cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, ayahuasca, 5meo-DMT, ibogaine and peyote. It is important that someone considering the use of psychedelics reviews available research which investigates their safety, applicability of use and ability to induce healing and spiritual growth. 

Some people choose to ingest these substances recreationally and some choose to ingest these substances in a controlled group healing environment (e.g. a ceremony). Regardless of the setting, it is recommended that consumers be connected with a counselling professional prior to  and following the experience

Who Benefits From Psychedelic Integration Counseling or Coaching ?

Those who are:

  • new to psychedelics and would like to discuss effects, safety precautions, preparation and integration with a qualified and experienced counsellor.

  • in distress after a psychedelic experience. This may look like anxiety, irritability, confusion, depression, fear, and/or intrusive thoughts.

  • confused about an experience, the meaning of things they saw or heard, what it was trying to teach them, and what to do next.

  • looking to deepen their understanding of the lessons of one or more journeys.

  • stuck at a certain level and/or wanting to go deeper in their personal growth or entheogenic work.

  • looking to integrate insights from a psychedelic experience into day-to-day life & maintain positive outcomes.

  • needing support to manage existing relationships (e.g. family, career, etc.) with respect to new insights.

Please note: Psychedelic and plant medicine integration is not about encouraging the consumption of psychedelics and plant medicines; it is about harm reduction and post consumption management.


Centre For Wholeness and Well Being does not provide substances. CFWW does not condone nor advocate for the use of illicit substances. 


However, due to the psychedelic and plant medicine renaissance we consider psychedelic and plant medicine integration to be an essential service. CFWW integration services are for those who are considering, or who have already had a service and wish to access professional support.

CFWW will compassionately support you to integrate your experiences safely and effectively.

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