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Who We Are

Centre for Wholeness & Wellbeing facilitates programs that include all kinds of people: those in early recovery, people in long-term recovery and people who have never used drugs but are isolated for different reasons (like mental health struggles, aging and retirement). Our facilities and programs are intentionally designed to enhance an individual’s experience of connectedness, rather than diagnosing and treating specific problems. Our model of approaching addiction recovery is to unearth the root causes of addiction, taking a holistic, whole-life approach to change, and acknowledging the profound opportunity that addiction provides in a person’s life to rediscover their true self.​

Our certified coaches work with clients individually and in groups to integrate new insights and positive changes into their daily life. Coaching provides the ongoing truth conversations, strategic planning, structure, accountability, life-skills training, and community to work through the fears, pains, wounds, and burdens that underlie and perpetuate addiction. Through the program clients are guided to strategically design a new daily discipline that supports them holistically so they can create the conditions of sobriety, resilience, connection and community.​

Our community focused model helps to heal the mind, heart and spirit of trauma and addiction recovery. Through a compassionate approach to addictions, healing is possible with our recovery model that supports wholeness.

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Who Are We
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