Post Addiction Treatment
Integration Program

Completing a substance or behavior abuse residential program is a major accomplishment worth celebrating. Yet, finding support integrating into the family, work and the community can present challenges.

Assuming a 28- or 60-day treatment program can fix all your problems vastly underestimates the severity of what you’re going through. It takes a little time to get back to where you were before you rediscovered yourself. 

Research suggests most relapses occur in the first six months after treatment. By understanding your triggers, and continuing to improve yourself and relationships, you can better guard yourself against the coming difficulties.

At Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, the Post Addiction Treatment Integration Program provides ongoing community and support for anyone at any stage after their residential treatment program. 

We offer a safe, non judgmental place to gather, find support and participate in group programs and event whether you have maintained total sobriety, are experiencing life challenges or have had a relapse. 


This program is those who have successfully completed a residential treatment program and their families or primary supporters who desire comprehensive integration into their relationships, family, work and community. Amazing shifts can occur in families that reach out for help and receive support to fully understand and support through the post treatment phase of recovery. We help everyone involved in the recovery journey to heal and achieve transformations they never thought could happen. 

Programming includes:

  • 8 weeks of 2-3 lessons a week completed individually

  • 2 individual sessions (counseling/yoga) per week  for a total of 16 one on one sessions

  • unlimited group sessions and activities

  • group programs for families or primary supporter

Cost: The cost of the program is tailored to the programming needs of each individual. We are confident you will find the high quality of individualized care we offer to be rare, yet our fees are less than most private care programs. You will receive a complete workbook, individual sessions and unlimited group sessions for the client and family or primary supporter.