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Community Connections Support Programs

Centre for Wholeness & Wellness hosts both online and in facility meetings and events ffor those recovering from addiction and mental health related issues and their families or supporters. These gatherings are for people looking to cultivate and follow individualized and holistic pathways to wellness supported by community and connection.



Detox followed by Intentional Day Recovery Program

The Detox is offered in coordination with a Missoko Bwiti trained Iboga Detox Provider. The Detox, along with the Intentional Day Recovery Program, offers a workable, holistic solution to those who are suffering from various types of addictions. Our program brings together modern methods and ancient Bwiti teachings to ensure a safe and powerful healing experience.  

The Detox is an optional yet highly effective treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and other addictions. This unique process is designed to ensure guests do not suffer withdrawal symptoms while also healing the root spiritual and mental causes of the addiction and substance abuse. 

The Detox and Psycho-Spiritual healing must be followed by integration of the healing in the Intentional Day Recovery program. Increased neuroplasiiicity following the Iboga ceremonies will help to build healthier patterns as clients engage in counselling to rediscover their whole and radiant self. 





Intentional Day Recovery Program (without Detox)


The  Intentional Day Recovery Program (IDRP) is an individualized program built specifically to the needs of the client. It is designed for people who are looking for holistic mental wellness and substance abuse recovery in an individualized non residential format because they are not able, or do not need, to be away from home or work for an extended period attending a residential program. 


The IDRP is not a full day program and appointments are based on the scheduling needs of each person enrolled in the program. The Intentional Day Recovery Program is designed to be part of continuing care and holistic substance abuse recovery rather than a stand-alone program.




Post Residential Treatment Integration Program


This program is those who have successfully completed a residential treatment program and their families or primary supporters who desire comprehensive integration into their relationships, family, work and community. Amazing shifts can occur in families that reach out for help and receive support to fully understand and support through the post treatment phase of recovery. We help everyone involved in the recovery journey to heal and achieve transformations they never thought could happen. 



Family Recovery Program

Addiction impacts millions of families, yet effective care remains out of reach for many of them.  My goal is to provide personalized support and resources for families impacted by addiction. Research shows that when families are engaged, the odds of success for the person with a substance use disorder increase dramatically. When a family is empowered with tools and skills and are enabled to find answers, they can positively impact the lives of their loved ones toward change. You are your loved ones greatest champion and advocate and our role is to be yours.




Wholeness & Well Being Trauma Focused Psycho-Spiritual Programs

Talk therapy is not enough. At CFWWYYC, we embrace an integrative framework for facilitating healing by supporting clients to change their nervous system, emotional capacity, self-support and self-care using an integrative mental health focus. 

Services offered here include Counselling and Integrative Well Being Services, Transformational Ceremony and the Art of Well Being services. To find out more about these offerings, click on the button below.





Psychedelic Medicine Integration

Please note: Psychedelic medicine integration is not about encouraging the consumption of psychedelic medicines; it is about harm reduction and post consumption management. Centre For Wholeness and Well Being does not provide substances. CFWW does not condone nor advocate for the use of psychedelic substances. 


However, due to the psychedelic medicine renaissance we consider psychedelic medicine integration to be an essential service. CFWW integration services are for those who are considering, or who have already had a service and wish to access professional support.

CFWW will compassionately support you to integrate your experiences safely and effectively.