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What is the Centre for Wholeness & Well Being
Intentional Day Recovery Program?


























The  Intentional Day Recovery Program (IDRP) is a 12 week program run over 3 months. It is designed for people who are looking for holistic addiction recovery in an individualized

non residential format because they are not able, or do not need, to be away from home or work for an extended period attending a residential program.


The IDRP is not a full day program and appointments are based on the scheduling needs of each person enrolled in the program. The Intentional Day Recovery Program is designed to be part of continuing care and holistic substance abuse recovery rather than a stand-alone program. 


Anyone age 18 and older can refer themselves to the Intentional Day Recovery Program. The Program is suitable for anyone with addiction and provides treatment for all substance dependence (alcohol, cannabis, other drugs including prescription medication, etc.) as well as problem behaviors (gambling, sex, food, relationships, internet, etc.). Applicants will be required to have already completed the comprehensive assessment at Centre for Wholeness & Well Being to qualify for the Intentional Day Recovery Program.


Who benefits from the Intentional Day Recovery Program?

An individual with any of the following may benefit from our program:

  •   Interested in recovery, whether they have tried before or not

  •   Cannot take time off work or leave family for an extended period

  •   Do not need to recover in a residential treatment program

  •   Have a reasonably stable social environment to return home to each evening

  •   Are seeking  a holistic addiction recovery program

  •   Are motivated to change



All individuals considering the Intentional Recovery Day Program will complete an assessment to determine where they are at. Based on the conclusions of the assessment, the Centre for Wholeness & Well Being team will recommend one of the following:

  •   Intentional Day Recovery Program at Centre for Wholeness & Well Being

  •   Addiction Recovery continuing care at Centre for Wholeness & Well Being (groups,    individual recovery counselling) 

  •   Residential treatment program external to Centre for Wholeness & Well Being


 If you are considering going ahead with Intensive Day Recovery Program, what does it look like?


The Intentional Day Recovery Program:

  •   Individualized program and schedule to fit your work and family obligations

  •   Is not a full day group program

  •   40 - 44 virtual or in person sessions with certified practitioners plus all group and family      programs

  •   Sessions on bio-psychosocial - spiritual dimensions of recovery (includes biological health  care, self talk, dealing   with stress, spirituality, goal setting, and mo

  •   Regular homework on various topics based on CFWW workbook

  •   Cultivate a daily routine which includes meditation, relaxation techniques, movement and reflection techniques

  •   Identifying and coping with relapse warning signs

  •   Recovery from substances and beyond

  •   Development of a holistic addiction recovery continuing care plan

  •   Virtual or in-facility holistic healing offerings such as therapeutic yoga, art therapy, breath  work, distance reiki, etc. (these vary depending on availability) 

  •   Family involvement and education

  •   Workshops, either virtual or in person on topics such as: forgiveness, fear/control,  shame/resiliency, vulnerability, and planning to overcome challenges in recovery

The Family and Friends Program:

Family members or friends (age 18+) are encouraged to attend the family recovery services offered by CFWWYYC. 


Continuing Care at CFWW After Completion Of The IDRP:

Continuing care (individual, group, and events) is available before, during, and after the Intentional Day Recovery Program. We also encourage self-management tools and involvement our community programs, events, and workshops as part of continuing care. Events and workshops are listed on our services page for your choosing.

Investment in the Intentional Day Recovery Program:

Assessment: $150  (current free offer) 


The cost of the program is tailored to the programming needs of each individual. We are confident you will find the high quality of individualized care we offer to be rare, yet our fees are less than most private care programs.

 We accept payment by cash, debit, certified cheques, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).  We do not accept personal cheques.


Third party financing is available through our affiliation with Medicard. Financing would only be available for full payment.

To reserve your spot in the Intentional Day Recovery Program, please email: hello@cfwwyyc.com or call 587-323-4246 or book your consultation 

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