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Wholeness & Mental Well Being Services
Your Inner Healing: Root Cause Psycho-Spiritual Services
Integrative Mental Health

Talk therapy is not enough. Trauma is a 'soul' injury, not all stored in the mind.


At Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, we embrace an integrative framework for facilitating healing by supporting clients to change their nervous system, emotional capacity, self-support and self-care using an integrative mental health focus.

All the answers, all the wisdom, all the knowing is within you. At Centre for Wholeness & Well Being, our services are built on knowing that all you need lies within you.

We connect with the unique gifts and challenges of each of our members. Optimal state of healing is necessary for transformation to take place. If the client is outside the optimal state of healing, they will be working from their existing triggers, reactions and management strategies. Supporting the client to be witness to their experience will allow for healing to take place.

We offer integrative mental health practices, which is counselling inclusive with Reiki, Yoga, Breath Work, Sacred Ceremony Consultations and other holistic healing practices to best serve each individual member. 

We support each member from a complete holistic and embodied healing perspective.

Transformational Ceremony

For those feeling called to the sacred medicine, the ceremony provider cultivates an environment of safety, sovereignty, integrity and trust. His primary focus is to create sacred space for this spiritual ceremony. In all ways we honor the sacred and ceremonial requirements to serve the medicine. This is an opportunity to do deep transformational work with this powerful ceremony under the care of highly-experienced facilitation team. CFWWYYC's qualified counsellors and coaches can also guide you through a 1-1 integration program to help you alchemize your experience.

Psycho-Spiritual Retreat Consultation

You've heard the call, your soul is ready. Experience the sacred sacrament of those who practice the tradition of Bwiti. This sacrament is used in various ceremonial contexts, such as spiritual healings, physical healings, and assisting those with emotional and mental conditions. The medicine intelligently knows and focuses on exactly what a person needs to heal. No two people experience the medicine the same way. This medicine gets to the root of what is ailing you. People may be called to participate in the sacrament for healing, to optimize their life and an intuitive calling.

If you would like more information, book a consultation with our Missoko Bwiti trained provider here:

Art of Well Being Services

Jaide Izon is a skilled facilitator and practitioner in the areas of spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, is certified as a Chakra Therapist, Reflexology Therapist and Meditation Teacher. Jaide is trauma-informed and certified in services for wholeness and well being. By creating a safe container for you to go deep and expand into all that you’re meant to be, Jaide’s specialty is in helping people clear old limiting beliefs and expand into self-love. She believes everyone is a living work of art meant to be expressed & seen in their unique vibration. She is inspired by offerings that value true compassion and forgiveness while offering a space to align body/mind/spirit through her wellness sessions.

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