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Trauma Focused Psycho-Spiritual Services
Integrative Mental Health Calgary

Talk therapy is not enough. Trauma is a 'soul' injury, not all stored in the mind.


At CFWWYYC, we embrace an integrative framework for facilitating healing by supporting clients to change their nervous system, emotional capacity, self-support and self-care using an integrative mental health focus.


Integrated wellness solutions are not just having individual practitioners from different fields with offices in the same building.  This is not a truly integrated wellness model. We incorporate an integrated collaboration amongst our team in creating and delivering the services best fit to our provide an integrative mental health model for our members.

Being able to understand and support the relationship between our body, physiology, thoughts, moods and behaviors is key to our success in supporting mental well being for our members. 

We connect with the unique challenges of each of our members. Optimal state of healing is necessary for transformation to take place. If the client is outside the optimal state of healing, they will be working from their existing triggers, reactions and management strategies. Supporting the client to be witness to their experience will allow for healing to take place.

At CFWWYYC, we offer integrative mental health practices, including not only talk therapy inclusive with Compassionate Inquiry methods, Meditations, Reiki, Yoga, Breath Work and other holistic healing practices to best serve each individual member. 

We support each member from a complete holistic and embodied healing perspective.