Family Recovery Program

Compassionate Support For Families Impacted by Addiction

Trauma and the resulting destructive behaviours impacts millions of families, yet effective care remains out of reach for many of them.  Our goal is to provide personalized support and resources for families impacted by these issues. Research shows that when families are engaged, the odds of success for the person with a substance use disorder or mental health issues increase dramatically. When a family is empowered with tools and skills and are enabled to find answers, they can positively impact the lives of their loved ones toward change. You are your loved ones greatest champion and advocate and my role is to be yours.

Support That Makes a Difference

The goal of family recovery coaching is to work on improving communication skills within the family and with the loved one struggling. We will work on restoring relationships, how to set healthier boundaries, and we'll talk about why having a self-care plan in place is so important. As a family recovery coach, I listen, normalize feelings, and provide a strengths-based approach that can help create a better future for the whole family. 

** We are not registered psychology therapists and as such I do not diagnose, or provide clinical evaluation. We are registered with the Association of Counselling Therapists as Certified Addiction Counsellors.

The Family and Friends Program:

Family members or friends (age 18+) are encouraged to attend the family portion of the Intentional Day Recovery Program. The family and friends program runs scheduled workshops that can be accessed through the Centre for Wholeness & Well Being booking website. Individual consultations are in addition to the workshops and can be booked online here.


Topics include:

  •   Introduction to Destructive Behaviors 

  •   Family roles and healthy boundaries

  •   Holistic Addiction Recovery model

  •   Communication exercises

  •   Group process therapy for family members